Update and What to Expect…

Hello Knitters!

We wanted to take a minute to share an update. These updates will start arriving in your email box every 7-10 days, as we move our way through knitting, sorting, and assembling squares. This is a true community, and we want to make sure everyone is in the loop, and as up to date on progress as possible.

Each up date will include a current count of squares that have been unpacked, sorted, and logged.  How many knitters have registered, and photos of assembly and “the process” of putting this all together.  If you would like additional things to be included, please leave a comment for us, we hope this process can bring us as Canadians a little closer together, so we definitively welcome conversation and ideas 😊

The square count:

Sorting Squares…

Current Main Blanket squares logged and ready for assembly = 318!!!  (this is truly amazing considering we are only a few weeks in, and with mailing this is incredible)  

We have collected enough squares for individual sized blankets, to construct 26 small blankets. This will bring comfort to 26 individuals living in a shelter or long term care facility.

Squares for individual sized blankets

We are still recruiting Knitters/Crocheters!  So far just over 3500 knitters/crafters have registered on the website.  An amazing group you are, and we are so thankful.

We will be posting photos, moving forward in the blog as well as on our social media’s!  

Today’s mail delivery…

Thank you to everyone who has shared this project, recruited friends to help knit, and the media for inviting us into the fold to help spread the word. We are feeling very humbled and more than a smidge emotional over the response, and wanted to say thank you. The work will take time, and unfortunately the blanket will continue to grow, but with this much love being poured out by so many of you, we know these beautiful souls will not be forgotten.

With Much Love and Gratitude,

Allison, Amanda, and Heather

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