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In Canada, to date, we have lost 48,493

beautiful souls to this pandemic.  We wish to honour them, and not let their memory fade away.




Join our team of Crafters. Help us knit or crochet squares for each soul lost to Covid 19.


Your generosity makes our work possible. We need your help in lots of areas beyond crafting. Learn how you can help other ways.


Visit our GoFundMe page for details on how you can help fund this exciting project.


Knitters and crafters, by tradition, often take to their craft in a way to help others. To bring comfort to those who may need it. To soothe their own spirits when the world gets overwhelming and scary.

Heather, Ally, and Amanda are knitters.  Each working in a local yarn shop, decided to do just that.

The project begins with a large art installation blanket.  One 12 inch square for each soul lost due to Covid_19 in Canada.  The blanket, to date will be almost 9000 square feet, and weigh approximately 1500 pounds.

We are calling all knitters across the country to pick up their needles.  Together we can create a memorial that can travel through the country, and bring comfort to those who’ve lost loved one, and to honour the memories of the souls who are now no longer with us.

The names of those we’ve lost will be attached to each square, with the family’s consent, and also published in a memorial book that will travel with the blanket.

Our goal is to be able to display the blanket for the first time in January 2021, the first anniversary of the first presumptive case in Canada.  We need to work quickly.

We hope you will consider joining us.

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