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Welcome to the Project

The Covid_19 Memorial Blanket Project:

I would like to first start by expressing my deepest condolences to each family and friend who have lost someone so special in your life to this virus.  My heart weighs heavy for each of you, and I hope that in some way this project can help share the memory and spirit of your loved one. 

What is the Covid_19 Memorial Blanket Project?

We are going to create, through knitter’s uniting throughout Canada, an art installation blanket.  The blanket will consist of 1 square for every soul who has been lost.  The blanket at this time, will be almost 9000 square feet.  We hope to display this blanket at various locations throughout Canada, beginning January 25, 2021, which will be the first anniversary of the first presumptive case of Covid_19 in Canada. 

The hope is that no one who has been lost during this pandemic is forgotten. 

The names of those who have been lost will be loving stitched to each square.

We are also producing a Memorial Book that will accompany the blanket.  The book will include stories and/or photos from family members, or friends, a list of those lost, as well as those who have knit a square, volunteered, or supported the project.

We hope that by sharing in this experience, we can also provide comfort to others.

We will be providing individual blankets to various agencies, for example, women’s shelters, family shelter’s, foster care agencies, long term care homes, hospice care, throughout Canada.  We feel that the spirit of those who largely passed alone, can provide comfort in a way to someone who needs it.  If a family member wishes a blanket to go to a specific agency or organization, we will ensure that wish is fulfilled.

This will truly be an inclusive project.  We are calling upon all Canadian knitters and crocheters, to knit or crochet a square.

Pattern and square instructions will be included on the

Facebook Page:  Covid_19 Memorial Blanket, please like and share this page.

The main blanket will be made of Berroco Vintage, and the individual blankets from any washable worsted weight yarn.  This project is not affliated with Berroco, however, we wanted a yarn that is readily accessible at most local yarn shops and online, washable for care of the blanket, and financially inclusive as well.

We have selected one particular colour to represent all front line/essential workers in the memorial blanket.  If you wish to knit in memory of a front line/essential worker, please use Berroco Vintage, Colour #5125

Our intention is to unify the knitting community in a social way, that pays tribute to our beautiful citizens who’ve we lost throughout this pandemic.  We understand that this is not over yet, however, this task is going to be ongoing, and very large.  We also wish that the memories don’t disappear the further away this gets. 

15 thoughts on “Welcome to the Project”

  1. I am so impressed by the creation of this project. While I have not would lost a loved one to this horrible disease, I have a number of family members and friends that are front line essential workers (nurses, PSW’s, hospital support staff, grocery store workers, etc.). I would love to participate.

  2. What an inspirational project! I am a knitter and will be happy to participate. So glad that CBC gave attention to this project.

  3. What a fantastic, caring initiative. I have signed up to help and passed along your link to all my knitting friends.

  4. Kudos to you for this BRILLIANT idea.
    It will be a honour to participate in knitting squares.
    Tonny Clarke-Toronto Canada.

  5. Ruth Ellen Greenwood

    I have already mailed in 4 squares. Will be sending 2 more as soon as they are finished. It is an honour to participate in this amazing project.

  6. Ruth Ellen Greenwood

    I have already mailed in 4 squares. I will be sending 2 more as soon as they are ready. It is an honour to work on such an amazing project.

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